Preliminary course for the entrance exam/ Vorkurs zur Aufnahmeprüfung

The „Music Academy Neue Sterne Hannover“ offers applicants preparatory courses
for the entrance examinations in the compulsory subjects:
The Main subject lessons (32 Lessons),
The ear training and music theory (32 Lessons),
1 Year German Course
The course contents are based on the specific requirements of the oral and written entrance examinations.
The courses are supervised by professors and qualified majors.


For students up to 19 years of age
Number of hours per semester: 16


For students aged 20- 26
Number of hours per semester: 16

Special Program: Master of Piano Education

This is a special education course specifically for the Piano Teachers. 2 Years education program included the following disciplines, which the student may receive also in online form.
Theoretical Courses:
Piano Pedagogy, Technique and Virtuosity, The choice of Repertoire, Preparation to the Competitions, Pedal, Problems on Stage, Art of sound and touch, Interpretation, Knowledge of Contemporary Piano Literature, Piano as a chamber music partner, Accompaniment, Performances with Orchestra
36 Lessons during one year


For students over 27 age
Number of hours per semester: 16